Mustard oil, or sarson ka tel, plays an important role in an Indian kitchen. The pungent oil is not only used for the preparation of regional delicacies, but is also known for its miraculous health benefits, like boosting immunity, treating cold, providing nourishment to skin, and most essentially, encouraging hair growth. Who doesn’t like long and beautiful tresses? It is hard not to feel envious when you see someone with long and lustrous hair. More so, when you find out that they were born with hair that beautiful while you are struggling with hair that is dull, unmanageable and rough; and the factors could be anything, from pollution to hard water, to chemicals and more. Thank heavens for the availability of mustard oil that is said to have certain properties that help reduce hair problems, thereby, keeping your locks healthy.

Mustard oil benefits for hair
1. Natural Conditioner

Mustard oil consists of alpha fatty acids that are known to keep hair hydrated and lively; moreover, these fatty acids act as an excellent conditioner for our hair. Now, we all know that healthy, hydrated hair grows faster.

2. Nourisher For Hair

These days, a lot of people complain about hair fall and hair thinning. This is perhaps because our hair follicles are getting weak and damaged. The reasons could be many like pollution, stress, lack of essential nutrients; et al. But, fret not! Mustard oil is here for your rescue. A mustard oil massage will not only nourish your hair follicles, but will give strength to your hair.

3. Packed With Minerals, Vitamins And Antioxidants

Mustard oil is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium, and vitamins like A, D, E and K, all of which are important for hair growth. Moreover, mustard oil is power-packed with zinc, beta-carotene and selenium that are known to promote healthy hair growth.

4. Boosts Blood Circulation

If you are struggling with dull, lifeless hair, then massage your hair with mustard oil regularly. This will help boost your blood circulation in your scalp, which further aids hair loss. One of the best ways to apply mustard oil is to heat the oil a little and massage it on your hair and scalp.